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FX-RVLR RV Roof Coating Bright White

FX-RVLR RV Roof Coating Bright White

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RV Roof Coating, a cutting-edge bright white elastomeric copolymer liquid rubber coating meticulously engineered to provide an array of exceptional benefits. This remarkable coating offers unparalleled elasticity, impressive tensile strength, and robust UV protection, ensuring superior weathering performance. Its adaptable membrane boasts remarkable waterproofing capabilities, low-temperature flexibility, and outstanding adhesion to thoroughly prepared substrates.  

FlexRock RV Roof Coating is the ultimate solution for flexible and reliable protection for your RV roof. With its solar reflective properties, it acts as a cool roof and exhibits remarkable UV resistance. The final membrane elongation feature prevents adhesion failure, while the UV stability effectively combats sun-induced degradation.

This protective sealant is not limited to RV roofs alone—it can also be applied to metal roofs, flat roofs around the home, mobile homes, campers, trailers, and even gutters. The application process is a breeze, akin to painting. Simply use a brush, roller, or a high-quality paint sprayer. Applying heavy coats will gradually build up a robust waterproof membrane, ensuring long-lasting protection.

FlexRock RV Roof Coating is highly recommended for use on various surfaces, including wood, metal, EPDM, APP, and TPO. Experience the ease of application and the unbeatable protection provided by FlexRock RV Roof Coating, safeguarding your valuable assets with confidence and peace of mind.

FlexRock FX-RVLR RV Roof Coating Technical Data Sheet 

 FlexRock FX-RVLR RV Roof Coating Safety Data Sheet


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